"fleeting attempts to escape the city for an adventure into the wilderness"

Wolf & Moon is a handcrafted jewellery label by British designer Hannah Davis. Her small team of makers create all of her designs in their East London Studio combining vibrant acrylic and natural wood in stylish shapes and a fashionable colour palette. Their ethos is to offer Graphic and modern jewellery for the curious and independent.

"Our inspiration is a juxtaposition of the natural world against the man-made; making fleeting attempts to escape the city for an adventure into the wilderness."

At the age of sixteen, Hannah started crafting handmade jewellery from pretty much any material or found object she could get her hands on. She enjoyed selling a few of these pieces to friends and through her MySpace page. After discovering the laser cutting process, the possibilities seemed endless and pretty quickly Hannah had put together her first full collection.

Whilst studying a BA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University, Hannah began selling her jewellery under the name Wolf & Moon. This was on a stall at the Sunday Upmarket, just off Brick Lane. With Hannah’s trademark geometric designs, mix of materials and eye for colour, W&M quickly gained a loyal following, took on some stockists and began trading at a few of the summer festivals. Now Hannah continues to grow with the help of her close team.

Collection No. 4, currently showing at Gill Wing, stems from a trip Hannah took to Barcelona. Inspired by the city’s architecture and Mediterranean colours, these influences have been drawn together by W&M’s trademark geometric aesthetic.