Silvia Piva

"delicious jewellery for living, valuable for each person"

Barcelona jewellery artist Silvia Piva describes the jewellery she makes as “offerings”. Her sensitive eye captures details from her environment and imagination, transforming them into delicate wearable works of art using her skills as a silversmith.

“Out in the street, wheels turning on her bicycle, in a certain mood, something catches her eye, as her earrings attract and are attractive for the wearer. Music enjoyed, poetry resonates, literature digested, savouring cooked dishes: food for the senses; delicious jewellery for living, valuable for each person, moment when worn, while lasting lifetimes. 
Calder’s circus: miniature mechanisms, theatre of movement. Butterflies alight, ‘those birds of the soul’ – transitory, ephemeral creatures, are transformation incarnate. Noble, primeval materials: gold, silver - metals wrought with heat, hammer, stones added to make these pieces of play precious, moving.” -  Anne Michie