Shimara Carlow

"a childhood fascination for collecting shells, stones, mermaid's purses, feathers and seed pods found along the sea shore."

Shimara Carlow works from her studio in Melbourne, Australia but  was originally born in a remote coastal area in West Cork, Southern Ireland in 1979. Walking along the seashore, her childhood was spent  collecting shells, stones, mermaids purses’, feathers and pods found along the beach.

These early coastal influences followed her to Glasgow School of Art, where she was able to experiment with hand made paper and silver to create large sculptural pieces of jewellery, as well as smaller scale silversmithing.  The tactile and delicate qualities of paper were developed further into silver and 18ct gold jewellery during a two year residency at the prestigious Bishopsland Workshops in South Oxfordshire in 2002.

Shimara’s most recent influences are found in Australia seen in her  "gum nut" vessels and clusters of small pods using 18ct gold, fine silver, oxidised silver and gold plate.