Eco-jewellery inspired by beautiful Cornwall

"Where I live and work constantly inspires me and I can't help translating the colours, shapes and textures that I see around Cornwall into my recycled jewellery collections. I want to make lovely jewellery that lasts without depleting the Earth's resources or causing suffering of workers. I find a lot of stones myself and make sure others have fair-trade, traceable sources. I'm aiming to use as many recycled and sustainably sourced materials as possible: around 75% of my materials are recycled at the moment:

  • I collect sea-glass, sea-plastic, sea-stringsea-worn rubber and driftwood from local beaches to use as statement pieces in my jewellery. I also set found crystals such as amethyst and aquamarine from the clay pits around St Austell, use twig silces, found seed cases, lichen and even leaves.
  • the eco-silver and eco-gold I use are recycled from old jewellery, and industrial and IT sources: they are the same content as sterling silver and 9ct gold and are hallmarked as such when appropriate (when the weight exceeds 7g for silver, 1g for gold)