Sara has newly completed her Masters Degree at the Royal College of Art. Her rugged rainbow of metallic hues are the result of experiments with minerals and metals. Sara chooses bismuth and gallium believing their properties possess symbolic attributes with their unique responses to heat. Their particular melting points are utilised by Sara to explore the possibility of using temperature to assess the emotional state of the wearer, made readable in the material reaction to close body contact through wearing. Her Bismuth pieces are a beautiful alchemy combining the sci-fi colours of the mineral with precious silver to create jewellery which looks as if from another world.


sara chyan.jpg

"The application of gallium and bismuth is rarely seen in our day to day life.  Their low melting points allow me to instill heat factor into my jewellery pieces.  Gallium melts at 29.76°C, the shifting state of gallium is interesting, from solid to liquid and liquid to solid, incessantly react to the temperature.  In contrast to gallium's low melting point, bismuth melts at 271.5°C, and the oxidation of bismuth is stunning, where colour can tell us the temperature."