Rosalie McMillan

Rosalie creates inspirational jewellery with a clean aesthetic.  Her striking designs

are influenced by the materials she works with as well as geometric pattern and 

form she finds in nature.  Often asymmetric and angular in structure, many pieces 

are handcrafted from innovative materials. Her most recent collection, Java Ore, 

incorporates a unique material derived from recycled coffee grounds collected in 

London, transformed into a durable material with a remarkable beauty.  

Rosalie’s jewellery offers a deeper connection with her wearers.  As a trained 

psychologist, Rosalie believes the way jewellery makes you feel is just as 

important as the way that it looks, placing great importance on the provenance of 

her pieces.  The materials used have often been transformed and reinvented into 

playful jewellery that can be stacked together and arranged in many ways 

according to mood and outfit, and cherished over time as their finish evolves and 

is personalised.  Rosalie hopes this transformation can inspire us to unleash our 

own potential, to harness our creativity and deeper values in our lives. 

Recently shortlisted for an Observer Ethical Award, Rosalie uses sustainable 

practices and recycled or Fairtrade materials where possible.