Stacking/Joining/Material Compositions

Rachel's inspiration is drawn from Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, which focuses on harmony, colour use, rhythm and elegantly simple design. She is also fascinated by Japanese traditional architecture, unique characteristics bringing together natural materials and colours, with dark and bright contrasts. This is reflected in her playful and detailed approach to design and the making process. She gathers materials in a collection, waiting to explore them through combination and placement, in a 3D drawing process. Drawing with materials is an essential part of her practice, with linear forms, featuring strongly alongside geometric shapes and spaces. These ideas and themes are explore through bold strikes of colour and simple lines, bought together to create statement brooches, rings and neckpieces. By stacking, layering and placing components together, she finds different ways of constructing pieces using traditional jewellery techniques such as setting and riveting. This process allows her to explore combinations of materials by joining them in different ways. 

Rachel Butlin studied at Nottingham Trent University, gaining an Exceptional First Class Hons Degree in Decorative Arts - specialising in Metalwork, along with other mixed media processes. A passion for materials allows playful processes to be explored throughout pieces.