Niza Huang

Plundering the mysterious depths of the Earth

Niza Huang is a Taiwan born designer working in London since completing her MA studies in Metalwork & Jewellery Design in 2006. Niza's first degree was in Industrial design, and her jewellery still finds influence from the industrial heartland of Taipei, Taiwan utilising surprising materials like petroleum known as "Black Gold" which the designer describes as "a precious substance which literally fuels the modern world, though it also has the capacity to destroy it".

Each collection reflects Niza's rich imagination and passion, equally inspired by our inner world and what exists around us. Niza hand crafts her collections in precious metals and stones combined with uncut natural crystals. Sophisticated in their execution with an inherent raw beauty they bridge the gap between fashion and craft. Niza's unique portfolio is built with her expert use of texture and organic forms ranging from everyday edgy pieces to unique luxury event wear for people who seek to express themselves and what they stand for.