Nicola Lillie

forms, textures, angles and connections

Nicola is primarily inspired by architecture. Initially stemming from tired agricultural buildings in New Zealand, Nicola studied their forms, textures, angles and connections. Through further research and exploration she became fascinated with the relationships we hold with buildings and the evidence of relationship and experiences having happened, through wear and tear, marks and age. The agricultural buildings began to be perceived as places of value, yet they were still 'just' farm outhouses. The use of precious metals combined with non-precious materials such as steel highlight this discussion on where value really lies. Nicola also treats the precious metal, "un-preciously", to create the weathered and beaten surfaces seen in New Zealand. Nicola takes the idea of valuable vs valued as a 'lens' to view wherever she explores next. She has continued her making and thinking journey into Italy- a vastly different environment to the original inspiration source. Here, Nicola discovered other elements of mark making proving relationship: graffiti, notes on walls, old posters and ripped signs. This evidence was of a much more intentional kind; whereas the marks and weathering of the agricultural architecture was through repeated accidental scratchings or unconsciously marking a surface, these marks had been through human intention. Nicola has begun to translate these findings into her work through the addition of textual elements, addition of colour and distorting angular elements.