Opal Lights Perfume by 4160 Tuesdays

Opal Lights Perfume by 4160 Tuesdays


Update; Opal Lights sold out so quickly at our exhibition, many of you missed out on Sarah McCartney’s interpretation of precious opals. 4160 Tuesdays have made a second very small batch so now is your chance to snap up this beautiful uplifting scent, exclusive to Gill Wing Gallery. You can also visit us in our Islington Gallery where we have a tester bottle to try, as well as two other exclusive 4160 Fragrances made for us,. There is the opal cave scented “Lightning Ridge” and the brand new botanical “Kindness Changes Lives”.Both available here in our online shop too.

“Opal Lights takes it's name and scent from the glinting colours that appear to shine from within a cut stone, set and shown in all its glory by a skilled jeweller.

As films and photos of the Fire & Facets pieces dropped into my WhatsApp and sparkled on Instagram, I chose materials from Australia, and added botanicals from around the world to represent the pieces.

We start with a sparkly bright Australian lemon myrtle and honey myrtle blend, leading down to Moroccan rose, neroli (bitter orange flower) and jasmine tea, with warmth from Australian desert rosewood, also called Buddha wood. There's a drop of a dark Australian  flower, Boronia - the most expensive material I own - to give it a deep mysterious heart.” - Sarah McCartney

Made especially for our Fire & Facets opal jewellery exhibition. We have a limited number of these scents available, using rare and precious ingredients by the fabulously talented perfumer Sarah McCartney at her award winning Indie Perfume House, 4160 Tuesdays. A perfect way to conjure the scent of the origin of these incredible opals hand cut by Palaeontologist Loren Gurche for our jewellery collaboration with A Thousand Facets and 20 amazing jewellery designers.

30ml Bottle

Top: lemon myrtle, honey myrtle 

Mid: rose, jasmine tea, neroli

Base: desert rosewood, Boronia 

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Pictured with jewellery from the Fire & Facets exhibition, left to right; rings by Ruta Reifen, Ami Pepper, earrings Alex Monroe.