Champagne & 18ct Rose Gold Hex Ring

Champagne & 18ct Rose Gold Hex Ring


A 3.5mm champagne diamond sits in 18ct rose gold in Jo’s classic Hex patterned band.

Jo Hayes Ward designs are uniquely metamorphic; their aesthetic hinting at geological forms. Designs are transformative; rings can be stacked for impact, necklaces delicately layered, and earrings worn in multiple ways. Jo’s pieces are endlessly versatile; worn and adored both night and day. Multiple elements and textures combine to create truly original compositions.

Harnessing the way light is reflected off delicate golden blocks and their facets adds to the magic of Jo Hayes Ward metamorphic designs; pieces shimmer and come alive when worn. Gems work beautifully alongside glistening cubes and patterned formations. Scattered diamonds sparkle in many of Jo’s pieces, enhancing the metal structures with their cuts and colours, while unique precious gems and rosecut diamonds lend a magic quality to her one-of-a-kind pieces.

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