Exclusive Perfume by 4160 Tuesdays "Kindness Changes Lives"

Exclusive Perfume by 4160 Tuesdays "Kindness Changes Lives"


Kindness Changes Lives 30ml

Kindness Changes Lives is an exclusive botanical inspired fragrance composed for Gill Wing Gallery by award winning perfumer Sarah McCartney at 4160 Tuesdays London.

Its heart lies in traditional perfumery using flowers, herbs and moss to summon up a garden on a sunny day. We think it evokes the honey made by busy bees feasting on wildflowers at the Gill Wing Organic Farm in Tunbridge Wells. Sarah McCartney tells us more;

“In our blend are geranium and lavender, deep oakmoss, myrrh and patchouli and a scattering of freshly torn green leaves, with bergamot giving it a light whiff of Earl Grey tea.

We used mixed media - naturals plus modern synthetics to bring the best out of the essential oils - so the aromas of honeysuckle, rose and iris are created with modern materials.

Hedione - the magical molecule which makes everything smell fresh and light - lifts up the fragrances so it smells as if you've just stepped outdoors.”

This way of utilising technology to capture the beauty of botanicals is the perfect accompaniment to Sian Evans new collection B O T A N Y. Sian uses waterjet cutting and experimental anodizing to capture iconic plant & flower silhouettes in saturated petal colours.

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