Dorry Hsu

"intuitive energy... drawing onto the metal"

Dorry Hsu was trained as a conceptual photographer in her BA from Canada, Emily Carr Art &Design University. She brings her conceptual thinking of photography into the jewellery object. As a maker, Dorry creates the sign and symbol on the human body, and uses photography to interpret her concept.

“Starting a project is like beginning a journey. The process of development educates myself. This project starts from ‘defective’ by hammering and forging the fine line like hand drawing, and the destination is the ‘Tao’ that I believe. The design process is intending to bring the intuitive energy of drawing onto the metal work so I insist on the process of hand hammering the wire and forging the form, and it is taking much longer than drawing or bending wire. The forms are inspired by the body outline, with the geometric forms, which represent the images of outer world that I absorb. Through the presentation of photography, the conscious action of wearing jewellery is a metaphor for people’s awareness of overcoming problems by the habit of religion.”