Karolina Baines

threads of the past intertwine with the present

Karolina describes making jewellery as a way for her to make sense of the ever growing tapestry of life and the way in which the threads of the past intertwine with the present and reach out into the future. Several seemingly unrelated influences are woven through this collection, including the architecture and character of Venice, the living traditions of basketry and weaving, and the pleat-work of clothing designer Issey Miyake.


On a research trip to Venice in September 2014, the artist was captivated by its alleyways and many layers, a patchwork of old and new, where the newer features are built upon the foundations of the ancient. In drawing upon the weaving movements of basketry and the folding techniques of Miyake she developed techniques that suggest movement in her pieces.

Karolina is motivated by a desire to create engaging visual and tactile experiences viewing jewellery as sculptures that move with us.  Reflecting this she looks to instil a sense of movement into this collection through strategically placed lines, suggesting rhythm and change of direction. Beginning with drawings, the artist explores her themes using mark making, collage and printmaking before using a variety of techniques on metals, including etching to create patterns that fascinate and invite interaction, transfused with deep and vibrant enamelled colours.