Emma Farquharson

Crystalline Structures and glass clad skyscrapers

Emma’s jewellery is infused with influences from the many places where she has lived; the Bahamas, Egypt, New York and now Clerkenwell in London.  Emma trained at the Central School of Art and Design and her work has sold in museums and galleries in the US and Japan including the Guggenheim Museum of Art, MOMA San Francisco and in numerous boutique shops in Manhattan where she lived in the late 1990' - early 2000's. 

In developing new design ideas Emma’s work is inspired by the rhythmic patterns found in nature and echoed in the built environment.  Her recent 'Faceted' range explores the crystalline structure of rough gemstones such as tourmaline, contrasting striated textures with highly polished accents reminiscent of glass clad skyscrapers. 

Emma’s jewellery is all made by hand in England and is finished to the highest standards of craftsmanship.