Mia Chicco

"transforming an ordinary piece of metal into a beautiful work of art"

For Mia Chicco, her obsession with jewellery has been a long-standing one. Beginning as a school girl eagerly selling beads to her classmates in the playground, Mia has since traded plastic and string for gem stones, gold and silver and is fast becoming one of Sydney’s most promising jewellery designers.

It was while completing a degree in Art Theory at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney, that Mia was re-introduced to the art of jewellery-making, and has now dedicated herself to this passion for fine treasures ever since.

With her Italian heritage and love of the country itself, it felt only natural for Mia to venture to Florence shortly after finishing university and completely immerse herself in the inspiring, rich aesthetics of the city. It was here that she completed intensive jewellery design/making courses, sharpening her techniques and further fuelling the fire that is Mia’s passion for “turning an ordinary piece of metal into a beautiful work of art”.

Every item within Mia’s collection is designed and hand crafted in her studio so you know that your own Mia Chicco piece is a unique, lasting statement of elegant simplicity.