Sue Gregor

"Confronting the synthetic with the wild as a lasting memory to each leaf."

Sue Gregor began making her acrylic jewellery in 2005 when the artist found solace in the beauty of wild flowers during a difficult time of her life. By allowing herself to live in the moment, she found an increased awareness of her surroundings, noticing new sights and sounds to feel enormously comforted by how beautiful the world is. Now her wild flower jewellery designs communicate her joy of nature, in vivid colours to bring cheer to those who wear them. Combining the industrial with the organic she believes her experimental approach and love of processes is due to being the daughter of an architect and an engineer.

Each piece is individually handmade using real flowers and leaves which Sue finds in her everyday life. The artist sees beauty everywhere, not just gardens, but finding a rich resource in plants and weeds thriving in wastelands and unkempt hedges.

The organic specimens she collects are dried and pressed before the magical process to "fossilise" the leaves leaving their fine details in the acrylic. This forms each piece uniquely, confronting the synthetic with the wild as a lasting memory to each leaf.