Patrizia Casamirra

"I make jewellery that I want to wear. That’s where I always start.
Every piece has a personality and life of its own, no two pieces in the line will ever be exactly the same."

Patrizia Casamirra was born in Rome where she began a career as a photographer in the fashion world, advertising, music and show business. She later moved onto portraits and social documentaries published in Italian and U.K media, fuelling her passion to travel and meet people, sharing their stories all over the world.

Her research project with Amnesty International was published in her book “Women in Wartime” and exhibited worldwide. Her passion for art, architecture and archaeology has led her to explore different forms of artistic expression. By experimenting in painting and sculpture, she found a love of hands-on processes to create jewels in silver and bronze bronze, using the ancient lost–wax casting process. She combines this with stones and gems including lapis-lazuli favoured in ancient treasure and even meteorites. During her extensive travelling she has developed a wide knowledge of different cultures and styles but her main source of inspiration lies in the Mediterranean area.