Jake McCombe



Jake McCombe takes inspiration from mathematical shapes and scientific symbols tuning into the properties of the material he works with.

Graduating in Jewellery Design at Middlesex University under the tuition of artists like Caroline Broadhead, Jake has developed a unique working process which begins with transforming his ideas into objects using raw materials and industrial machinery. By cutting, heating, and slicing the measures of metals each piece is formed as a minimal sculptural reinventing the simplest of materials to create surprising outcomes.

His industry experience with luxury brands such as Lara Bohinc, Shaun Leane and Scott Wilson gave him the knowledge in achieving the high end finish which is a signature of his work.

Made to accessories the human form, both to define and to frame Jake hopes the wearer will feel empowered by the jewellery to enjoy wearing it as much as he enjoys making it.

Once the shape is decided this is then refined by using new technology to develop the design before finally finishing each piece by hand with traditional craft techniques.