Esther Assouline

"the imprint of the past on a current jewel"

"My creations, paintings and jewellery are part of an art to live, a very important element of my identity. My objective is to create pieces with a soul, a history which will be rewritten on every woman.”

From an exotic Moroccan Paradise, to her studio in Paris, Esther’s creative work follows her with every step. She uses pastels to capture her initial ideas, a material she loves because of the tactile way it is applied.  Passionate about jewellery from the very beginning, Esther created jewellery for herself when she craved something special and unique. She uses fine gold and precious stones which bring colour and life.

Esther enjoys uses ancient techniques such as chasing  to give greater substance to her jewellery.

“I like the meeting of raw and the refined, the imprint of the past on a current jewel, the tracks that a former civilization would have left on the stone."

The artist works intuitively with a lot of spontaneity. Being hands on often leads her towards new discoveries, shaping each piece with a unique soul.