Diana Porter


"Working with metal centred and concentrated my mind"

Diana in her workshop

Diana in her workshop

Diana Porter has enjoyed a variety of paths before finding an affinity with creating beautiful jewellery. Originally with dreams of acting and training as a teacher Diana has been an inspiring example of a creative woman with many passions. Nurturing a family as a single mother she also supporting the arts, running theatre companies and Birmingham's Women's festival as well as protecting the environment and championing equal rights as a campaigner and demonstrator.

It was in 1990 that Diana went to the University of Central England to study Jewellery & Silversmithing. Just six years after leaving college and making her pieces in her living room, Diana was awarded Jeweller of the year in 1999.

"I loved the way that working with metal centred and concentrated my mind; I learnt about design and form and my teachers pushed me to develop my design ideas which I now thank them for; I loved the History of Art part of the course and became passionate about investigating the history of the involvement by women in the arts and crafts. This was 3 years to take stock and to create - it was a gift and the jewellery is an outcome of that."