rhythmical Innovation: "and the beat goes on"

DeeLyn creates tactile, sculptural objects that adorn the body. Her work is often playfully interactive, evoking curiosity and creating a unique connection between object and wearer. Convertibility, articulation and illusion are central to her jewellery designs. These themes are explored through geometric patterns, architectural structure and repetitive forms brought together to create bold wearable sculptures. Originally from Portland Oregon, DeeLyn has resettled in the UK. She completed a design degree in Liverpool in 2010, specializing in jewellery and ceramics. She works predominately in sterling silver, but enjoys exploring alternative material as well.

DeeLyn’s original RE::strung collection is crafted from recycled guitar strings and sterling silver. The innovative use of alternative materials and mechanisms add unique detail to the pieces.

Entanglement is a brand new collection from the artist which explores movement and structure using continuous lines & curves to form miniature. As adaptable wearable sculptures they invite interaction and can be worn in a variety of styles. This range seeks to find a balance between the simplicity of complete order and the beauty in chaos (such is life!).