Hannah Bedford

"An Ancient Artform of Precious Granules"

Hannah Bedford is one of the leading makers of contemporary fine jewellery using the art of granulation an ancient art form in which jewellery is adorned with fine granules of precious metal. The technique dates back over 5,000 years and designs from Eturia are particularly famous, in part due to the mysteries surrounding the process.

There are few true master-crafters of granulation today as it is an extremely delicate and time intensive process. Hannah handcrafts each unique granule on a charcoal block before they are cleaned and individually applied to form her complex designs. The bonding of these minute precious granules requires great skill and precision, a careful steady hand and, above all, patience.

For over a decade Hannah has pushed the technical and creative boundaries of the granulation process. Influenced by organic growth patterns - she has explored ever more complex and intriguing ways to adjoin, layer, texture and entwine surfaces with handcrafted granules. Fine granulation clusters around precious stones and interlaces between surfaces, linking necklaces and bangles, embellishing delicate earrings and weaving across engagement and wedding rings.

Hannah’s designs often play with scale and form, combine contrasting precious metals or feature statement stones. Minute granules may be embedded with exquisite diamond detailing or hidden surfaces covered with delicate granulation. A beautiful secret unbeknown to all but the wearer. 

Ethical awareness is important to Hannah and each piece of jewellery is carefully handmade to the highest standard. Designs are created in precious metals and hallmarked to British hallmarking regulations. All diamonds and precious stones are of high quality and sourced through ethical means. Furthermore, Hannah is able to re-work precious stones and high carat golds, essentially up-cycling unworn jewellery and we work closely with her and our customer's to create beautiful one-off commissions.