Nach Bijoux

cute, wild, rare, fascinating… in a word: animal!

Nadia and Nancy Koch and are the two sisters at the heart of the French brand Nach Bijoux. Nach is born from a common passion for jewellery and from a family legacy, their father being the world leader in porcelain miniatures. Having grown up with this know-how, turning porcelain into high-end jewellery was the sisters’ vision.

Entering the world of Nach Bijoux is a breath of fresh air, featuring favourite animals and surreal motifs hand painted in exquisite detail. Each piece is a mini work of art, hand made and signed. Their originality comes from their expert knowledge and use of porcelain, along with other materials and textures (gold plated, leather, feather, rope, etc. to elaborate the the fantasy).  

The world of Nach is cute, wild, rare, fascinating… in a word: animal!