Mabel Hasell

playing with chance really is a beautiful thing

Mabel Hasell is a London based jewellery designer, originally from Devon. She uses the lost wax casting technique to set gemstones into jewellery with unpredictable and intriguing results. Mabel creates a piece in wax, placing stones where she would like them to set. Molten metal replaces the wax, flowing in and surrounding each gem, sometimes causing the gems to move and cluster in different positions. 

Mabel also uses raw uncut crystals which complement her organic settings, giving the impression the crystals are erupting from the metal. The end products are striking organic designs that physically embrace the vibrant gemstones and crystals.

Many of her pieces are one of a kind and her rings are often bought as engagement rings for those looking for something a little different.

She has proved herself as a promising designer and demonstrated that playing with chance really is a beautiful thing.