Marion Lebouteiller

“I like leaving space to the unexpected and let the materials express themselves.”

Originally from the French volcanic area of Clermont, Marion now lives and works in Hampshire, England. Her creations are born out of a fascination for colours and beauties of nature drawing on her background as a chaser and patinateur for bronze sculptures. Marion studied metal work in Paris in the traditional Arts and Crafts school (Ecole Boulle) established in 1886 before moving to England to work in an art bronze foundry.

This artistic approach influences Marion’s contemporary jewellery, suggesting oppositions between nature and culture and highlighting contrasts of colours, textures and emotions. Inspired by her surroundings she the artist also turns to Japanese culture and the «Wabi-Sabi» philosophy: the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

Marion’s uses traditional chasing techniques as well as casting to capture natural forms to create each piece as either one-offs or in a small series, using recycled or Fairmined metals wherever possible. The artist believes in living on this planet with a minimum impact on the environment and on the life of mining labourers.