Margaux Clavel: WWAN(1)

la douleur exquise.png

Margaux Clavel is the young French designer behind WWAN(1). Bringing her own touch of Parisian chic to London, her hand carved gems are a twist on classic jewellery. Taking the shapes of traditional stones but re-imagined, they are cast in silver or luxurious gold to be worn in new, modern ways. Drawing inspiration from Victorian cut steel jewellery, Art-Deco shapes, religious, Roman and tribal pieces WWAN(1) stands for “We Will Always Need” crossing times and continents to find the crux of our joy in adornment.

Margaux begins by replicating real cut gemstones in wax. After being adjusted and carved by hand, these hundreds of wax pieces are gathered to build patterns and volumes. The final designs are cast in precious metals, soldered, shaped, polished, set or plated. The intention is to handcraft quality pieces to make you feel unique and special that will last and be enjoyed conveying a sense of tradition and heritage.