a stolen glance Immortalised

Lukas Grewenig has just competed his Masters Degree at the Royal College of Art. His darkly sumptuous pieces capture the fleeting glimpse of a memory by using photo-reactive materials so that images appear and disappear depending on the lighting conditions.

"My work is influenced by the confrontation with loss and mourning. The jewellery objects I created in my final project aim to be an outward sign and acknowledgement of a specific emotional state, which is becoming more and more denied and marginalised in modern society. Seeing that this has not always been the case I respond to the tradition of Victorian mourning jewellery. In borrowing and quoting aesthetic elements I give clues as to how I want my pieces to be seen.

The image of a person, a place or a situation can suddenly materialise in our consciousness, clearly standing out from the noisy background, just to dissolve within a brief moment. Like a trigger memory, which can revive such an image in our mind I encoded hidden images and symbols into the surfaces of my jewellery, which only become visible under specific lighting circumstances. They can appear suddenly or have to be looked for with concentration."

lukas grewenig portrait.jpg