Chain of Thought

lucie gledhill bench.jpg

Since Lucie graduated with her Masters in Jewellery & Metalwork from the Royal College of Art and has become known for her expertise in chain making.

Her underlying conceptual thoughts allow Lucie to expand traditional methods, pushing them to the extreme through exploring scale, pattern and multiples. These repetitive processes require a sedentary making stance similar to working with textiles and require a sensitivity to the materials which Lucie finds all consuming. Often holding her breath and working in complete silence these are patient masterpieces in time and technique. Combining these labour intensive techniques with refined shapes makes elegant and bold pieces which will remain contemporary classics to be enjoyed forever.

"I have used the traditional technique of rope chain, meaning a construction from individual soldered links, I have developed the technique by increasing the number of links and reducing the wire thickness which allows for small mistakes, slips of the hand or unconscious gestures. These create a feeling of wild time worn rope and bring the technique to life. I want the rope chain to have a quality of movement like rope made from fibres. The rope chain, comprising thousands of irregular strands, fine like hair, tarnished by the time it has taken to make." Lucie Gledhill