"jewellery is all about expression and sentiment. That comes from the soul and the hands working in combination for years to get it right"

As a child, Kate was transfixed by her mother’s jewellery collection of handmade silver with bold agates and opals. This first joy at handling her treasured pieces stayed with Kate as well as inheriting a love of wildflowers from her Grandmother who enjoyed painting bluebells.

Kate uses pen and ink to record the details of plants, but also found an affinity with silversmithing as a way of capturing the shapes and textures that fascinated her. They have become Kateʼs visual language, the hammering of petals and leaves, a way of describing the natural world and its wonder and beauty.

Wildflower drawing by Kate Hodgson

Wildflower drawing by Kate Hodgson

Over the last 20 years of making and drawing from nature in this way, Kate also combines the historical skills of Hatton Garden. In her latest collection the addition of a Victorian flower setting creates a jewel of colour in the centre of the flower, allowing the choice of rubies, sapphires and diamonds or any colour stone to fuse this with your own meaning.