Julie Bailey

Paper metal

Julie Bailey is a British designer/maker producing studio jewellery under her brand name Papermetal. She is also a fine art printmaker and florist drawing on both of these to create the natural textures and organic surface patterns in her jewellery.

julie bailey papermetal paper petals.jpg

‘My approach to contemporary jewellery is based on a strong connection to the materials, processes and surfaces. The aesthetic derives from simplicity, economy, modesty, intimacy, and an appreciation of the integrity of natural materials and processes. In my work as a jeweller and a printmaker my relationship with both metal and paper is nuanced by such influences as eclectic as Ikebana and garden designer Piet Oudolph, as minimal as a perfectly formed vessel and as everyday as chalky paint on a rough wall. My personal demands for perfection and finish come from a desire to continue the traditions of good craftsmanship. I create a collection of artisan jewellery with pale silver rich surfaces, embossed using cut handmade papers, detailed and contrasted with darker coloured metals, all within a framework of a minimal soft geometry. I am drawn to jewellery that is effortless to wear and ageless in form.’

julie bailey papermetal 2017 studio lifestyle 3 high res.jpg

Julie trained under Master Jeweller Brian Newble in her 30’s, she later studied to postgraduate level in Contemporary Fine Art and Printmaking.  Since returning to making full time from her studio in Lincolnshire, she now works mostly in silver combined with copper and brass for the added warmth and contrast in natural metals.

julie bailey papermetal sketchbook.jpg

"As a designer/maker in love with the materials of metal and paper and surface and patina, I am also excited by the unique challenges of creating one-of-a-kind pieces, this work will culminate after a personal period of research in a body of work that will form a dialogue between both my jewellery and my printmaking practice."