"The sum of parts are magnificantly greater than the whole"

Jo Hayes Ward - studio.jpg

Jo Hayes Ward’s designs are largely inspired by the concept of the many and the whole; the finer detail versus the big picture. Drawing inspiration from architecture, geology, nature and mathematics, she creates intricate, precise structures from small gold building blocks.
A primary focus of her design is harnessing the way that these small blocks and their facets reflect the light in multiple directions, as the wearer moves. The pieces truly come alive when worn. To achieve this distinctive characteristic,  Jo utilises a digital design environment and rapid prototyping (3D printing). Each of her elegant, luxury pieces of jewellery are then finished by hand, using traditional jewellery techniques, in her London workshop.






Jo Hayes Ward - work in progress 2.jpg

Another instantly recognisable feature of Jo's work, are the machine marks left behind by the 3D printing process. Rather than cleaning these off, they are an integral aesthetic of Jo's work. They allow her to explore textured and patterned surfaces, adding an exquisite tonal quality to her work.
In addition to structures of shimmering cubes and glittering patterned formations, Jo is fascinated by gemstones. A scattering of tiny diamonds sparkle delicately in many pieces, their cuts and colours
enhancing the metal structures. While unique precious gems and rosecut diamonds lend a certain type
of magic to a range of one-of-a-kind pieces.
The wearability of Jo’s designs is integral to her practice. Each piece is designed to be worn and adored in equal measure. An eclectic clientele pursues Jo’s highly wearable unique jewellery. For those buying a special piece for themselves to couple’s seeking alternative commitment rings, the work
speaks to design focused people looking for an exceptional treasure.