Jo Garner

Graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee in 2007 Jo Garner has a number of years experience in creating fine and bespoke jewellery in precious metals. More recently in 2017 she graduated with an MA from the prestigious Royal College of Art. This had a transformative effect on her creative practice and now sees her combining fine making skills with industrial materials and processes such as steel and liquid enamels. Juxtaposing these skills with materials and political context which is inherently messy creates a body of work which allows her to challenge and critique themes which are influenced by current affairs. Inspired by printed media such as propaganda posters, newspaper headlines and visa applications she combines them with her own photography to create a unique version of political satire.

Badges create a public display of our affiliations and serve to bolster our feelings of connectedness and belonging whilst asserting pride in your associations. We are living through times of extreme disconnect and division in terms of our political allegiances thus making the accessories we wear even more loaded.  My Visa application badges look particularly at government categorisation and how that affects our sense of belonging.  Statements and questions taken from UK Visa and refugee applications, designed to categorise us. Dividing us by age, income, country of birth, sex etc they group us in a way which is purely factual, emotionless and yet poignant.

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