Ethically Conscious in Harmony With Mother Earth

Emma in her London studio

Emma in her London studio

Emma Aitchison is a British designer and maker who uses jewellery as a platform to raise awareness of climate change and the changing weather patterns. Inspired by Mother Nature, Emma aims to portray and celebrate the beauty of various weather forms by recreating these often fleeting moments.

By using a different weather form as the inspiration behind each collection, it allows Emma to educate the wearer about a different environmental message. Each item is handmade combining traditional, modern and adapted techniques, ultimately creating individual and unique items for each collection.

Where possible Emma practices sustainable methods of working throughout the jewellery making process, from sourcing of materials and production, to packaging. Emma’s aim is to respect the planet and its people from start to finish and no aspect of the jewellery making process is ever jeopardised; quality, longevity and style still remain, along with a clear conscience.

In an effort to encourage environmental and social responsibility, Emma became a member of the No Dirty Gold (NDG) campaign - an international initiative that aims to ensure that gold mining operations respect human rights and the environment. Emma is also a certified member of the Fairtrade Foundation which allows her to use Fairtrade gold and silver, all marked with the Fairtrade stamp and Emma will only use lab created or ethically sourced gemstones.

Emma is transparent in all her methods of working, and continues to strive to find new resources and adapt her working methods, to help her reach her end goal of creating jewellery through an entirely sustainable method.