Emily Kidson

"from spots on the pavement to stripy steps at a railway station"

Inspired by repetition and small details (from spots on the pavement to stripy steps at a railway station), Emily sketches her initial designs, shapes and compositions.

These then develop further as she works intuitively with the materials – it is often the process of making that inspires her.


It was whilst working as a librarian in an arts university with a vast array of material samples that Emily discovered laminate. Laminate is hardwearing and colourful, made from paper and resin under extreme pressure. Emily uses laminate by Formica whilst exploring combinations of acrylic, paint, textiles, pearls and 18ct gold and silver using traditional jewellery and silversmithing techniques from riveting and fabrication through to granulation and burnishing.

As a lover of the making process, every piece is carefully created by Emily in her South London studio. She chemically bonds the laminate sheet to wood, leaving it to dry overnight and then hand cuts it using a jeweller's piercing saw, before sanding and waxing it for a beautifully smooth finish.

Rather than working to specific jewellery collections Emily lets her work develop naturally and spontaneously, making predominantly one-off pieces and only a few production items.