Emily Higham

"Sweet golden treasures of the honeycomb"

Beehives and the beautiful gradient colours found in the sweet golden treasures of the honeycomb inspired Emily’s current collection. The warm tones are translated via enamelling processes which also echo the layering used by bees to create their repetetive structures. One layer of enamel is fired on top of another, thus the process goes on allowing Emily to build up gradient layers of colours, marks and surface patterns which are then scratched back to form unexpected patterns and varied assortments of colour.

It is this organic, experimental use of a traditional technique which enabled Emily to win the 2017 Bursary Award from the Guild of Enamellers since recently graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2016.

Along with colour and pattern Emily is also inspired by the drawing method itself. Emily states;

‘The drawing process is also a major influence that has informed my collection. As a maker, my inspiration lies heavily within a sketchbook taking influences from the qualities within printmaking and the combined collections of colours through college. My drawings have then been translated into enamel –enamel being a versatile and aesthetical medium to use that for me acts as a type of unpredictable drawing’.