Elsa Tierney

Ancient icons for modern godDesSes

Elsa Tierney is a sculptress of wearable forms. Using powerful symbols found in ancient art, Elsa’s hand carved rings & talismans depict serene and mythical goddesses.


elsa carved sculpture inspiration.jpg

"Influenced & inspired by Bauhaus, Deco & Futurist Design, I see my jewellery as an extension of my art practices. For me, making jewellery is like working on a small sculpture designed to be displayed on the body. Much like the Bauhaus philosophy of form meeting function jewellery gives me the freedom to break away from the conceptual & focus on the development of practice & skill. At the Natural History Museum the collections were fascinating to me. A perfectly formed sea plant in stone, a trapped beetle in amber or a fossilised opal snail, looked like they had been carved by hand, but in reality they were just a moment of another place in time. I began to look at the history of jewellery from carved tribal artefacts, Chinese figurines or Roman Saxon signet rings. All the time trying to figure out how they were made and it was this continuous questioning that has I believe brought me to where I am now. I am currently working in precious metals and am carving and setting gemstones."