Ellis Mhairi Cameron

"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks."-John Muir

A sneak peek at Ellis Mahiri Cameron, creating her new collection 

A sneak peek at Ellis Mahiri Cameron, creating her new collection 

Artist's StatemeNT

Growing up in the Scottish Highlands, I was surrounded by the wild nature of the Scottish

landscape; from the erosive textures of the seascape, to the ruinous medieval buildings.

This is where my love for imperfect beauty was born…


My jewellery is inspired by my Scottish heritage; I create fine jewellery for women who desire

pieces with an unconventional, organic aesthetic.

My collection, Ancestry, stems from an interest in how our identities are influenced by our

specific locations and how this forms social heritage. I explore the theory of topophilia; a sense

of place, taking inspiration from rock textures and castle ruins, to convey a sense of landscapes

of the Scottish Highlands.

I make every piece by hand, using traditional techniques and tools in my London studio,

sourcing materials through specialists in Scotland and London.

Every piece in the collection is made from gold and precious stones, carrying small intricacies

as uniquely rich as the land which inspired them. At the foundation of my practice is a belief

in the ‘beauty of imperfection’ with hand carving as a dominant manufacturing technique

supporting signature surfaces and settings.