Sketching in the air, FLOWING around the body

Ellen Monaghan Workshop Image 1.jpg

Ellen Monaghan creates precious jewellery using square wire and folding and forging techniques. Her free approach to making is reminiscent of sketching in the air as she forms the structures that make up her collection.

These objects play with the space around the body; tumbling chains of unique links are incorporated with precious gemstones to create necklaces that change with each movement of the wearer. Rings create lines that guide the eye around the hand to land on colourful jewels set within the design. Earrings play with the space around the ear and neck to create continuous flowing lines that draw the eye.

These bold shapes reference architectural details, particularly ironwork such as elaborate gates, railings and staircases, and are fused by an Art Deco thread that runs through the collection.

Ellen found her passion for jewellery design while living in Norfolk where she grew up. She moved to London to do her BA in Silversmithing, Jewellery and Allied Crafts at The Cass, London Metropolitan University graduating in 2006. In 2007 she set up her own business and continues to design and make from her London studio. Her work can be seen in a growing number of stockists around the country as well as at carefully selected shows.