Jewellery is a second career for Ella- having previously worked with international NGOs supporting social development projects across Asia and Africa.  Ella grew up surrounded by creative people drawing on her artistic childhood and her adult travels to inform her designs of historical shapes and weather symbols.

Modern Rococo Collection 

Modern Rococo is a ramshackle crew of slightly quirky shapes which pay homage to historical forms.  This collection takes inspiration from wide range of visual sources from medieval architectural detailing to chess pieces.

Split into 'Finial' shapes and 'Queen' shapes this collection is all about earrings and brooches with just a hint of necklace.  Every piece is hand pierced by Ella with a jewellers’ saw giving each one a unique shape and slight quirk of its own.

Cumulus Revolution Collection

This irreverent and playful collection is inspired by clouds and rain drops in all their glorious forms. The collection was originally made from a palette of oxidised silver, Lucite and vintage pearls. The idiosyncratic graphic shapes and sophisticated colours in this collection contrast beautifully and are offset by lustrous vintage pearls that pop out of every piece. 

ella fearon low sketches3.jpg