Charlotte leftley

"the unconscious echo of MAN-MADE and nature"

Artist's Statement

Charlotte Leftley's work finds inspiration in the structures of leaf skeletons, seed pods, crystal formations and droplets. 

"Their appearance is one of fragility and yet they all have an inherent strength and resilience, an ability to adapt re emerge and overcome. The strength of waves and yet the delicate lace like patterns the water creates as it crests and crashes"

Charlotte is influenced by the evolution of the environment, the ruins of building and urban areas being reclaimed by grass, trees and plants growing in, through, over and intertwining. 

"I am interested in the unconscious echo of man-made and nature. The patterns branches of trees make above you and the cracked fractured pavements below your feet. As well as the conscious echoes, by so many amazing designers, architects, makers from all fields . Nature teaches us all the time."

Ancient civilisations particularly fascinate this designer, the Egyptians, Aztecs and Mayans:

"Times where nature was respected, revered and worshipped, even feared and the jewellery and ornamentation they created was so delicate yet crude and their skills so sophisticated. Thus my work follows an intricate aesthetic with interwoven structures and delicate elements reoccurring and combining to form a greater impact and a larger final piece."