By Emily

 Whimsical eccentricity of English style

It began many years ago on her bedroom floor. Inspired by her favourite childhood tales, Emily would sit for hours building houses out of shoe boxes with intricately drawn wallpaper and painted floor boards. She would meticulously glue together pieces of cardboard to create tiny but elaborate pieces of furniture and she would stitch dainty Victorian clothing decorated with ruffles and lace and beads. She was fascinated by history and narrative and was swept away by minute detail. These stories take centre stage in many of Emily’s collections, and her designs are ingrained with the whimsical eccentricity of English style.

Emily trained in fine art, and this influence can be seen in her work in that each each piece exhibits an exquisite hand-drawn quality. By using the lost wax casting process, each tiny piece is first carved from a unique blend of wax resulting in figures that appear alive and untamed. The wax is then cast in precious metal and is lovingly crafted together in her workshop in beautiful Oxfordshire.

Emily’s jewellery pieces reveal themselves like an unfolding narrative as intricate details are found upon closer inspection. Opening a locket can reveal a bee, the glint of rubies and emeralds can be caught in the eyes of hares or foxes and tiny diamonds can be discovered set in a ring. Her designs are never quite what they first appear to be as each piece has it’s own story to tell.