a simplistic and bold exploration of form and volume

Katrina Nolan, Founder of Burnish & Black, trained at Middlesex University and graduated in 2012 with a BA Hons First Class degree. 

Her latest collection ‘Construct’ is based upon the Russian Constructivist artists Aleksandr Rodchenko and Luibov Popova. These pieces are a simplistic and bold exploration of form and volume.

Other collections include the ‘Seraph’ collection which was created following a stroll through East London where Katrina came across an older lady selling her wares on the pavement. She noticed a cherubic little face peering out at her from among the debris, a little brass spoon with an angel’s face at the top of the handle. The face was cast into silver and the collection was born.

Katrina's work often focuses on reclaiming obsolete and unused objects and ideas and reworking them into something new and contemporary.

By reusing the obsolete, she breathes new life into the forgotten.