Call to the Wild

3rd July - 26th August


Gill Wing jewellery has explored the globe to bring you a summer show of tropical treasures from 3rd July through to 26th August.

Adorn yourself in our new selection of the most exciting jewellery from home grown and exotic designers. With a Zoological theme amidst lush foliage, expect experimental materials along with precious metals and rainbow gems for a really wild jewellery adventure.

Our carefully curated selection of new pieces from Emmeline Hastings, Jessica Pass, Samantha Queen, John Moore, Sian Evans, Tessa Metcalfe, Jessica Briggs, Nikki Coupee, Melanie Tomlinson, Raluca Buzlarra, Alena Willroth, Blanka Sperkova, Manya & Roumen and Anna Johnson.
Indulge your senses in our new bespoke perfume ‘Emerald Wings’ by Sarah McCartney from 4160 Tuesdays and transport yourself to the deep forest. Emerald Wings is a fougere fragrance with rich Tonka and narcissus absolutes with a light touch of artemisia and rosemary herb with a final hint of bergamot and soft woods.

Gill Wing Team Picks