We had a fantastic time at Munich Jewellery Week again this year, gathering together jewellery artists and galleries from all over the world to be united by their passion for creativity in this particular art form. Munich Jewellery Week is unique because of the variety of venues giving each exhibition it's own identity with established galleries, guerrilla gigs and fringe events happening all over the city. We saw so much and will be sharing more over the next few weeks on our Instagram and Facebook but here are a few of the venue highlights from #MJW18...



THE LOVELACE is described as "A HOTEL HAPPENING", a pop up with a fab café & bookshop housed in a grand building filled with designer details. It proved a stylish hub for CURRENT OBSESSION's "Doing the NoNo" housing socials & discussions during the MJW18 festival. We attended Social Club #1 with Andre Gali the editor in chief for Norwegian crafts Magazine. The discussion was on the presentation of jewellery, particularly contemporary work in an art gallery environment - very apt as we are in the midst of our own gallery redesign at Gill Wing Jewellery so it was interesting to hear the ideas and benefits to different ways of showcasing in a space.

Andre brought in pieces from his own collection, a Ted Noten 3D printed "Miss Piggy" ring and a Bronger/Ziegler brooch featuring a meteorite, both pieces he obtained through exchange rather than purchasing with currency. We were able to make an exchange of our own in an interactive exhibition in the floor above which encouraged us to create a badge based on the work displayed to be swapped for another from a previous visitor.


"EXIT" - Dialogue Collective's Embassy of Temporaria

In the city of Munich itself we got to catch up with familiar faces at Dialogue Collective's installation "EXIT" where the group had created their very own embassy for their imagined province "Temporaria" where visitors were made to apply for Visas, fill in forms and get an official stamp in order to stay, luckily for us Sarah was made an ambassador.

Sorca, Velvet Hart, Joanne Garner, Timothy Information Limited, Anet Wrobel, Maarit Liukkonen, Victoria King,

Maud Traon, Jo McAllister, Petra Bishai, Emily Kidson, Anelisse Pfeiffer, Ellie Corp, Isael Busnel

"Exit" featured the "Identity" badges by Jo Garner, recently shown in our MODERN LIFE exhibition. You may also recognise the lovely Maud Traon from our 2015 installation "The Big Bang". We also loved Emily Kidson's conceptual & detailed "seeds" she made for the event and we were glad to see the always enjoyable Dialogue "Bingo" that always adds a bit of excitement with the chance to win one-off pieces for just the ticket price of a couple of Euros!


Rudolf Bott at The Villa Stuck

The award for most gorgeous venue goes to The Villa Stuck. The Villa Franz von Stucks (built 1897/1898) became a museum in the 90's and "combines luxurious room settings, a representative artist's studio and private living". The opulent interior celebrates the principle of "Gesamtkunstwerk", a way of living to combine life, architecture, art, music and theatre.

"Gesamtkunstwerk", a way of living to combine life, architecture, art, music and theatre.

The current exhibition is of goldsmith & silversmith Rudolf Bott, entitled "Enduro" Bott's works are staged in the Villa's spectacular rooms, their decadence providing a contrast to  the crisp lines of his functional items. Bowls, Candlesticks and vessels formed from materials including silver, copper, tombac, bronze, steel, jasper, hematite and rock crystal. Bott's paper models are also on display which he makes to scale when creating his pieces also have a minimalist beauty of their own.