Shine On (You Crazy Diamond)

Whether for a surprise proposal or to mark a significant part of your life, a solitaire diamond ring is a daily reminder of the most important people and moments to cherish. Time to celebrate with the one you love…

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A single diamond has become a classic symbol of everlasting love, forming over billions of years at depths between 150 and 250 km in the Earth’s mantle, a few have even come from as deep as 800 kilometres!

It takes the right combination of heat and pressure to create this rare and precious stone which also makes it incredibly hard and durable, perfect for wearing everyday as a beautiful example of overcoming adversity to come out stronger and shining!

Nothing sparkles like a diamond, their unique in their naturally high optical dispersion (ability to disperse light of different colours) and can be cut in different styles to achieve different effects from a subtle glimmer to dazzling brilliance.


Classic Elegance

This white diamond ring with diamond set shoulders is by Natalie Harris in 18ct yellow gold with a matt finish £2550.

Our array of talented designers use a combination of their own unique styles, cutting edge techniques and traditional goldsmith’s skill so that even a “classic solitaire” can have endless variations. The diamonds in our rings are mined using the Kimberley process and sourced from reliably ethical suppliers and we are always happy to source particular diamonds to choose from if you have certain requirements of size, shape, colour or origin.

We have chosen some of our favourite one-of-a-kind treasures to demonstrate the variety available, but visit our Islington gallery to see the full collection or to learn more about our bespoke options with our in-house design team.


Beach Memories

This claw set diamond ring is £1170 made by Justin Duance in 9ct gold with a 3.5mm white diamond. The Cornish jeweller creates his natural texture by casting in sand. We can even personalise your wedding rings by using your own sand or from your favourite beach in Cornwall, just get in touch!


3D Geometry

Jo Hayes ward utilises 3D printing technology as part of her process to build up geometric shapes like squares and hexagons to form intricate patterns. This £1875 white diamond ring is made from 18ct rose gold and tessellates with a matching wedding band.


Ancient Details

Hannah Bedford decorates her jewellery with the ancient art of granulation seen in Etruscan jewellery. Hand formed tiny golden granules are soldered into place, this means she can also combine gold colours like this 18ct gold white ring with yellow gold granules with a white diamond £1750.


Antique & Organic

Ruth Tomlinson sources antique diamonds for special rings like this 18ct white gold ring set off with minimal organic texture and granules £3780. Unlike modern machinery methods, Georgian and Edwardian diamonds were measured by eye and cut by hand making each stone unique and full of character.


Practically Perfect

Diana Porter has created the perfect practical ring to enjoy timeless luxury everyday. Made from palladium (a hardwearing precious metal in the same family as platinum and similar in colour) the 4.2mm brilliant cut white diamond is set low into the band to fit sleekly on the finger, £2050.


Exquisite Precision

Andrew Geoghegan designs with a precise eye utilising computer aided design and technical skills in the finest materials. This 0.25ct princess cut diamond ring is made in a sleek polished 18ct white gold, £2365.


Indian Treasure

Poppy Dandiya is known for his sumptuous gems inspired by the rich colours of India where he has now retired from jewellery making. In his final collection available at Gill Wing, he also made a rare few diamond rings including this dainty brown rose cut diamond on a hammered 18ct yellow gold band, £475.



Our in house goldsmith Rachel Jones completed her masters at The Royal College of Art in 2018 specialising in gold alloys, a true modern alchemist. Specialising in modern luxury, this beautiful pear cut champagne diamond is set at a contemporary angle on a crisp edged 18ct gold band in her signature matt brushed finish, £1100.


Chocolate, Cinnamon, Champagne, Peach… diamonds come in all different shades and tones from light and sparkling from warm and deep to suit individual colouring and personal style.


Roman Luxury

Australian designer Mia Chicco trained in Florence and often draws inspiration from the time-worn luxury found in Italy’s historical cities, from ancient ruins to grand embellished architecture. Her pieces have an heirloom quality to either join a growing collection of antique family jewels, or to begin your own.


Floral & Feminine

Victoria Walker draws on the intricacies of nature seen in her kinetic flower lockets, and also in the petal shapes of her solid gold and diamond rings. This solitaire diamond is modelled on a stylised poppy head in 18ct yellow gold, £1585, handmade in Cornwall.

Visit our Islington gallery to see and try on these beautiful rings in real life, or if you have fallen in love with a particular piece please contact us for availability and to arrange purchase and courier if you are unable to visit in person.

We also love making bespoke special rings, working with the designers we represent here to create a tailor made ring based on your unique requirements, even reworking your own stones or re-designing old jewellery.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas with our design team; or call us on 02073594378.

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