Gift Ideas £100


With over 50-60 designers to choose from we have a piece of jewellery to suit everyone with a fabulous variety of styles, materials and prices.

Here is our £100 edit for ideas to treat your loved one this Christmas to a piece of handmade jewellery.


Colourful cufflinks and earrings by Gail Klevan the master of artistic acrylic.


If they love the natural world with a touch of luxury how about a mineral print silk bead bracelet by Dorus Mhor?

Momocreatura’s gold plated silver sun earrings for your ray of sunshine!


A pretty poppy necklace by Victoria Walker for a floral treat, or these dainty earrings by Kokkino can be worn with our without the blue enamel jacket.


Chunky green gemstones in all shades make up Annette Warham’s bracelet, her collection at Gill Wing is a rainbow of all our favourite precious and semi precious stones.


Promises Promises have the perfect pendant in multi toned resin.

Pearl studs with gold plated silver discs by Dorry Hsu to mix and match are a twist on a classic pearl earring.


Elegant and simple silver jewellery, pearl and silver stud earrings can be worn with or without the sleek silver bars.

Parisian chic comes in the form of gemstone geometry in this necklace by WWAN(1)


Style statements in mixed materials; ceramic necklace by Italian designer Francesca Verado and 3D Printed earrings in new shapes and colours by Lynne Maclachlan.