PRECIOUS METTLE at Gill Wing sees 16 new SPECTACULAR jewellers join our Aladdin's cave of handmade treasures!

Join us at the preview evening

Thursday 30th November


& let us spoil you with beautiful jewellery, drinks & nibbles

for a fun & festive atmosphere


Miki Asai, Julie Bailey, Flora Bhattachary,

Ellis Mhairi Cameron, Margaux Clavel (WWAN1),

Andrew Geoghegan, Grace Girvan,

Lucie Gledhill, Hayley Grafflin,

Rhona McCallum, Ellen Monaghan, Oddical,

Mizuki Takahashi, Ruth Tomlinson,

Victoria Walker, Anna Wales


16 Jewellers crafting luxurious pieces in fresh ways, pushing the boundaries through their exciting methods.

Each special piece handmade as a labour of love.


"Mettle": noun
The ability to meet a challenge or persevere under demanding circumstances; 
determination or resolve
1. courage; spirit
2. inherent character
3. on one's mettle


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