“United by Colour & Creativity”

July 7th - Aug 31st

“Beyond the Blue” is a special exhibition for Gill Wing as it our first ever open call.  

We chose the theme of “Blue” due to it’s rich history as the colour of luxury and mystery. Blue is a colour that captivates the imagination, for dreaming, escaping and submerging oneself in another world. A colour once more precious than gold, blue pigment was highly prized as a status symbol where owning artwork in this shade was a real display of wealth. The original ultra-marine pigment (meaning, “Beyond the sea”) was only achieved using precious Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan where its first use was seen in cave paintings thousands of years ago. The natural mineral was so vivid it was thought to be a piece of the sky fallen to earth.

Now we are falling in love with this colour over and over again by inviting jewellers to share their interpretation of our blue theme. We see this exhibition as a way of connecting with our global neighbours, uniting a variety of materials and methods through colour and creativity.