Barbora Rybarova

Adventures is Raw Beauty


Barbora learned her jewellery skills in South America working with local artisans after gaining a fine art degree at Central Saint Martins in 2009. Drawing on her background of sculpture, jewellery has become the perfect outlet for Barbora’s creativity, finding her passion for working with metal and flame. As a keen mountaineer the adventurous jeweller tackles mountains & glaciers, finding inspiration comes in the rock formations and landscapes where her precious stones originate.

To appreciate the challenge of raw, natural beauty Barbora works with precious stones in their rough state to find a balance between the unkempt and the refined;


“I often spend hours observing particular gem, cutting and polishing it in certain places if necessary. This process is very important and dictates the development of the overall design. When carving and polishing rough gems I draw on traditional carving techniques. Working in silver or gold, creating the body of my jewellery, I am leading a constant dialogue between the stone and the metal itself. I strive to create unique settings, which offers the stones up to the viewer in a desirable and unusual way. Combining the fascinating textures of raw minerals with smooth brilliance of precious metals and cut gems, I create one-of-a-kind pieces and limited collections for women who love to wear something a little bit different.”